Big Data In Airline Industry

Big Data In Airline Industry: Big data is a big deal in the airline industry. Airlines are collecting and analyzing more data than ever before, in an effort to improve efficiency and customer service.

One of the ways airlines are using big data is by tracking passenger behavior.

By analyzing data about where passengers go on the airport and what they buy, airlines can better understand how to distribute their resources.

For example, if an airline notices that many passengers are buying food at one location in the airport, they may decide to open a restaurant there.

Big Data In Airline Industry

Airlines are also using big data to improve their customer service. For example, airlines can use big data to predict when a passenger might miss their flight. Also Check: What is Hadoop?

This information can then be used by customer service to proactively contact the passenger and make them aware of their impending travel dilemma.

By tracking big data about flights, airlines can better monitor safety issues. Airlines may be able to detect a mechanical malfunction or pilot error before it becomes a problem that endangers a flight.

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These types of big data problems are often detected by analyzing big data from multiple sources outside the airline industry, including weather information and reports from other aircraft flying in the area.

In addition, big data is being used by airlines to improve efficiency across all aspects of their business.

For example, big data can be mined for insights about ticket booking trends or what food choices customers prefer on different flights. In turn, this information helps airlines streamline everything from their marketing efforts to their in-flight menus. What Is Big Data?