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Reset Water Softener When Power Outage: If there is a power failure and the water softener is on, it will keep its earlier programmed settings, including time for approximately 24 hours.

Most importantly, your water continues to run through the softener and will be softened out. The water softener has an AccuSoft circuit board that includes a Hi-Cap Capacitor and an EEPROM memory chip.

Reset Water Softener When Power Outage

It’s the capacitor that keeps the time constant for at least two days if an outage in power is resolved.

However, the EEPROM ensures that the individual setting parameters for the softener don’t get lost.

If, however, you experience power loss for a prolonged time, and the Hi-Cap Capacitor has been drained, it will show 12:01 pm once the power comes back.

Your water softener will begin to maintain time until the moment it is powered restored.

In addition, it will begin fully regenerating when the time is set for regeneration. What you’ll need to do is reset the day’s time to reset to its time…

How to Reset Time

You can change the time by going to in the mode for Customer Settings.

Set the clock by pressing and holding the Display button for about five minutes.

The screen will show “Customer Setting” and then release the button when “Set Time” is displayed.

If the time you see is correct, click display to switch into the following setting.

However, If the time is incorrect, you can follow these steps:

In the event of a change in the daytime to be changed:

  1. The cursor should be located under the second-hour number.
  2. Click “Change” recurrently until the actual hour is shown.
  3. Select to set the hour, then move your cursor towards the left side.
  4. Press Change several times to get the correct minutes.
  5. Select Amor PM.
  6. When the proper time has been displayed, click “Display” to move to the following setting.

How to Reset Regeneration

  1. Click “Display” until it reads “Regeneration Time.”
  2. Make sure that the cursor is on the second-hour number
  3. Use the button “Change” repeatedly until the correct hour is shown.
  4. Select “Select” to set the hour, then shift the cursor to the left to change the minutes.
  5. Use the button “Change” frequently to the right time and choose AM or PM.
  6. Once you’ve established the correct date and time and it’s shown, press “Display” to move to the following parameter when you’re happy with the display.

The following parameter that appears on display might include “People.” The parameter does not need to be changed.

However, if you would like to alter it, follow the same steps similar to the above parameters. Enter “Display” to exit the Customer Settings Mode.

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What if Power Outage Happens During Recharge Cycle

Suppose there is an interruption in power during the standard 90-minute regeneration processor for around seven days or three days for each hard water.

In that case, your softener will discharge through your drain pipe until the power comes back and it can complete the regeneration process.

However, you can turn on the bypass valve to shut off the softener and stop drainage if this does not occur.

The water will not be softened through this whole process, and the bypass valve has to be reset after the power returns.

If there’s a power failure and you need to restart your softener’s water supply, then it’s essential to carry the manual of your water softener on hand.

Go through the entire procedure and comprehend before beginning resetting your water softener.

If you’re unable to follow these steps, it is recommended to seek help from a qualified technician.

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