160+ Technical Seminar Topics

Technical Seminar Topics: Are you looking for Technical Seminar Topics, alright you are at the right place. Best Technical Seminar Topics.

Use these topics to share your ideas to present with your colleagues. Take a look at this list of the top seminars topics.

List Of Best Technical Seminar Topics

  1. Storage Area Networks (SAN)
  2. Digital Speech Effects Synthesizer
  3. HoloLens by Microsoft
  4. Eyegaze system
  5. Firewire
  6. Nano Materials
  7. Smart Sensors
  8. Self Defending Networks
  9. Clayodor
  10. The future of IOT
  11. Finger Reader
  12. Human-computer interaction and its future
  13. SPINS Security Protocol For Sensor Network
  14. Smart Bandage Technology
  15. Smart Dustbins to Smart Cities
  16. MobileNets
  17. Place Reminder
  18. Child Tracking System
  19. Scrum Methodology
  20. Holographic Versatile Disk
  21. CloudDrops
  22. Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)
  23. Design of a Color Sensing system for Textile Industries
  24. Blue eyes technology
  25. TeleKinect
  26. Blockchain Technology
  27. corDECT Wireless in Local Loop System
  28. Brain-controlled car for disabled using artificial intelligence
  29. Artificial Passenger
  30. What is the way that the Internet function?
  31. Bionic Eye is a possibility towards Artificial retina
  32. Chatbot for Business Organization
  33. Forecasting Wind Power
  34. Electronic waste (e-waste)
  35. Smart Fabrics
  36. Home Area Network
  37. Perceptual Intelligence
  38. General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)
  39. How to build an online site using WordPress
  40. What is a search engine and how does it operate?
  41. embedded Bluetooth powered Smart Sensor Networks
  42. Mobile Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols and other applications
  43. Guarding distribution automation system against cyber attacks
  44. Ferroelectric RAM
  45. BrainGate Technology
  46. Prescription Eyeglasses
  47. Java Ring
  48. Blade Servers
  49. Blue Gene
  50. Geometric Invariants in biological Molecules
  51. Advanced Encryption Standard
  52. Smart Mirror
  53. EyeRing
  54. Honeypot
  55. Flexible CRT Displays
  56. Safe for Children Device
  57. Broadband via power line
  58. What exactly is what is the Dark Web? How can you protect your children against this Dark Web?
  59. Human Posture Recognition System
  60. Gaming interfaces that are applied to video conference
  61. Surface Computing
  62. 3D Password
  63. MemTable
  64. Visual perception processing is a generic process that can be used for general purposes.
  65. Digital jewelry
  66. Biochips
  67. Common Object Request Broker Architecture-COBRA
  68. Security issues in mobile ad mobile network (MANETs)
  69. Vehicle Security and Monitoring System
  70. Python Libraries for Data Science
  71. Dynamic Virtual Private Network
  72. H323
  73. Google Project Loon
  74. Snapdragon Processors
  75. Finger Vein Recognition
  76. Accelerometry for detection of falls and barometric pressure
  77. Smart Card ID
  78. Weather station
  79. Based on Bluetooth, Smart Sensor Networks
  80. Haptic technology
  81. What is the Google search engine? function?
  82. Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs)
  83. Finite Element Interface (FEI)
  84. Fractal robots
  85. Fog Screen
  86. Flexpad
  87. Fuzzy Logic Control for complicated systems
  88. Future Programming Concepts and Techniques
  89. VESIT Library – An Android-based Application
  90. Earth Simulator The Fastest Supercomputer
  91. The future of the internet
  92. System for detecting and avoiding intrusions
  93. Holt-Winters technique for Financial Forecasting
  94. Holographic Memory
  95. WiGig: Wireless Gigabit
  96. Cyberbullying Prevention
  97. Motion Capture
  98. System to save fuel
  99. Brain Port device
  100. Design of Intelligent Fire Sprinkler System
  101. Cyber Terrorism
  102. Fault-tolerant Routing within Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
  103. Cloud computing
  104. Digital class-D amplifiers
  105. Virtual Smart Phone
  106. Elastic Quota
  107. Brain-computer interface
  108. A Fuzzified Crane-Control System for Computer Automation
  109. Electromagnetic Applications for Mobile and Satellite Communications
  110. Face detection technology
  111. Security system based on cards
  112. GSM Based Path Planning for the visually impaired Person Using Ultrasonic
  113. Fluorescent Multilayer Optic Data Storage
  114. Capturing packets within secure networks
  115. HomeRF and Bluetooth The wireless revolution in data communications
  116. Web server embedded to allow remote access
  117. Graphical Password for Authentication
  118. Biometrics and Fingerprint-based Payment Technology
  119. X-Vision
  120. Advanced Database System
  121. Asynchronous Chips
  122. Fast Convergence algorithms are used for Active Noise Controlling Vehicles
  123. Fluorescent Multilayer Disk (FMD)
  124. Brain Finger Print Technology
  125. Mind Reading System
  126. Graphical Password
  127. Broadband via satellite for Rural Areas
  128. Holographic Data Storage
  129. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  130. Eye Gaze Communication System
  131. The Reactive Power Consumption of Transmission Line
  132. A Embryonic approach to integrated circuits
  133. Wi-Vi
  134. Chat encrypted using Bluetooth
  135. High-speed LANs and the Internet
  136. Free Space Laser Communications
  137. 3D Human Sensing
  138. Electronic nose and its use
  139. Fractal image compression
  140. Grid Computing: Dynamic resource allocation Grid Computing
  141. 3D Searching
  142. Carbon nanotubes
  143. Hyper Transport Technology
  144. Electronic toll collection
  145. Chameleon Chip
  146. Global positioning response system
  147. Web server embedded for industrial automation
  148. One Touch ATM for Multi-Banking Transactions System
  149. Finger Sleeve
  150. Controlling Security on Mobile Phones
  151. PoCoMo
  152. Touchless Touchscreen
  153. Polymer Memory
  154. Wireless Mesh Networks
  155. Near Field Communication NFC
  156. Fingerprint recognition system using neural networks.
  157. Red Tacton
  158. Image retrieval using signatures for compact binary images
  159. Blue brain
  160. Electronic Cigarette
  161. Computing Methodologies and Computation Methodologies Bankruptcy Prediction
  162. Smart Voting System Support through Face Recognition

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