A TikToker Spotted the Most Disturbing Minnie Mouse Detail and It Went Viral Due to Fans Being Horrified  

A TikToker has spotted a disturbing detail about Minnie Mouse that has gone viral on social media.

The video shows Minnie's costume in Disney World featuring a pair of small, hidden hands on her waist.

Fans were horrified by the discovery, with many expressing their unease and confusion over the unusual feature.

Some speculated that the hands could be a design flaw or a forgotten part of the costume's construction.

Others suggested that it may be a nod to the character's mischievous personality or a reference to her comic book appearances.

Despite the theories, Disney has not yet commented on the matter or provided an explanation for the hands.

The viral video has since been shared by numerous fans and media outlets, sparking a debate about the unsettling detail.

Many have questioned the company's attention to detail and the potential impact on children's perception of the beloved character.

The controversy has once again highlighted the power of social media in bringing attention to even the smallest of details.