Aaron Rodgers goes against promise and misses New York Jets trade 'deadline'

Four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers has gone back on his promise not to hold any team hostage after failing to notify the New York Jets of his decision before the start of the NFL's legal grace period.

The NFL's legal tampering period began at 11 a.m. CT on Monday.

The NFL legal tampering period opens in order to allow teams to begin negotiating with players.

During the NFL legal loophole period, teams get the right to discuss 'all aspects of an NFL player contract' without actually signing an agreement.

Nothing can be made official during the NFL legal tampering period, but both teams and players can agree on deals before signing and ratifying after the new league year begins.

Rodgers said he doesn't want to hold anyone hostage to his decision as he contemplates retirement, joining the Jets or returning to Green Bay for his 19th season.

The Jets are looking vulnerable because of Rodgers' inability to make decisions.

The Jets appeared determined to seal a high-profile trade for the Packers veteran as the team was knocked out of playoff contention due to poor quarterback play posting a 7-10 record.