AirPods said to get more hearing health features in the future

According to a report, Apple's AirPods are ready to provide health facilities.

AirPods already come with features like Live Listening and Conversation Boost for the deaf.

But these health facilities are not officially approved by any international regulatory health body such as the FDA.

Apple plans to recognize the features "more officially" in the near future, according to a report.

Apple is looking to expand the AirPods' usefulness away from audio playback and into the realm of health monitoring tools.

Rumors circulated in 2020 that the AirPod design would feature ambient light sensors that would allow blood-oxygen levels to be measured.

An earbud-based fitness monitoring system has also been detailed in a recent patent filing by Apple.

The Apple earbuds will use biometric sensors to detect temperature, heart rate, sweat levels and more through skin contact and through built-in motion sensors.