'American Idol' contestant who cheated death 9 times in car crash makes Lionel Richie sob 

A car crash nearly ended her life, but she survived, defying fate not once, but nine times.

Her survival is nothing short of a miracle, a testament to her strength and will to live.

As an 'American Idol' contestant, she shared her story, leaving judges and viewers in tears.

Lionel Richie was especially moved, overcome by emotion as he listened to her sing

Her voice, a symbol of resilience and courage, touched the hearts of all who heard her.

She inspired many with her story, reminding us of the preciousness of life and the power of hope.

Her journey is a reminder to never give up, to keep fighting even in the darkest of moments.

Her nine lives are a reminder that life is fragile and that each day is a gift to be cherished.

We may never know why she survived, but we can all be grateful for the her gift.