Apple's 2023 M3 MacBook Air could continue a baffling trend

Apple's M2 MacBook Air was everyone's favorite device in 2022.

This year, some changes can be seen in Apple's product M2 Macbook Air, which will increase its interest.

According to some sources it is being claimed that Apple is planning to launch a new MacBook Air as soon as this spring.

According to a report, a large 15-inch screen can be seen in Apple's new MacBook Air this year.

The bigger screen will make a designer's job even easier, and consumers will love the bigger MacBook screen.

9to5Mac has claimed that both the 13 and 15-inch models will feature the brand new M3 chip, which could launch as early as April.

Both models of the MacBook will have the "same entry-level M3 chip" with an 8-core CPU as the M1 and M2.

Earlier this year, noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted on Twitter that “the M3 MacBook Pros won't go into mass production until the second half of next year.”