Bernie Sanders threatens Starbucks CEO with a subpoena

Starbucks and interim CEO Howard Schultz are standing firm regarding testimony before a Senate committee despite Independent Vermont Sen.

On Wednesday, Bernie Sanders revealed plans for the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

The plan is he chairs to soon hold a vote on potentially compelling Schultz’s testimony.

The Vermont senator said"no choice but to subpoena him,"

A Starbucks spokesperson told FOX Business"This is a disappointing development.

He also said We will continue our dialogue with Chairman Sanders’ staff and are optimistic that we’ll come to an appropriate resolution,"

Later he added "Our response to the Chairman’s initial request still stands."

The committee is seeking his testimony about alleged "lack of compliance with federal labor law".

Starbucks general counsel Zabrina Jenkins suggested that chief public affairs officer AJ Jones II testify on the company’s behalf rather than Schultz.

Starting in April 2023, Schultz will leave his interim role, and the company’s incoming CEO will fully take over.