California Lottery says $2 billion Powerball ticket was stolen

According to the California Lottery, after a man claimed he had the winning ticket before it was taken from him.

Jose Rivera filed a complaint on February 22 in Los Angeles County Superior Court that he bought the ticket at Joe's Service Center in Altadena

In response to Rivera's state authorities confirmed that Edwin Castro is the rightful victor on February 14.

Rivera allegedly requested Reggie to return the ticket to him, but he refused.

Reggie was attempting to force him into sharing the money 50/50.

According to the lawsuit, Rivera claimed that Reggie is a fake identity, and did not know his actual identity.

Rivera filed a claim that Castro's victory required an investigation by law enforcement and the California Lottery.

California Lottery told ABC News that it isn't "authorized to investigate criminal activity among its players" and it's left up to local law enforcement officials.

According to the California Lottery, Castro did not come forward to claim the ticket because he preferred to remain anonymous.

He said that he was "shocked and ecstatic to have won".