Chris Pine and Reggae-Gene Page win over 'Dungeons & Dragons fans and novices at SXSW premiere

"Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" stole the hearts of audiences at its world premiere at the SXSW Film Festival on March 10.

The action comedy stars Chris Pine as a jovial bard named Adin and Michelle Rodriguez as his platonic life partner, the tough-as-nails warrior, Holga.

In her establishment, Claudette Godfrey, director of the film festival, said she liked the film because it was accessible to people like her who had never played the game.

Then Goldstein asked how many in the audience had played D&D before, and the room burst into hooray.

"We wanted to show another side of the fantasy world," Goldstein said of the lighthearted approach to the material.

"We love our 'Game of Thrones' and our 'Lord of the Rings,' but there aren't many chuckles."

Rodriguez joked, "Even if I wanted to be a DM, I wouldn't gain it.

Lillis carries on with, "I'll probably be a cleric because that's something that's lacking in this group."

The actor leaped into the audience to pose for several photos with Riley, who promptly fainted on the floor.

When she returned to her seat, Variety asked Riley if she was okay.