EV owners are increasingly frustrated with home charging, and it should worry every electric car maker

After the increase in the rates of eggs, gas, now electricity has become expensive due to which the charging of electric vehicles is being affected.

Inflation is affecting electricity rates, making EV home charging a worst-time experience for some drivers.

A new JD Power study found that overall satisfaction with home charging experiences has declined by 12 points since last year.

Home charging could pose a real problem for the EV market as electricity continues to get more expensive.

Without a robust public charging infrastructure, daily home charging is critical to effective EV ownership, according to experts.

A JD Power study found that these money-saving tricks all it takes is a little awareness.

The increase in electricity tariffs has raised concerns among consumers doing home charging of electric vehicles.

Gruber went on to point to several programs designed to reduce the cost of EV home charging.