Everything Tom Izzo said in his Selection Sunday press conference 

Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo addressed the media in a Selection Sunday press conference.

Izzo expressed disappointment over the team's record and the close losses they had throughout the season.

He acknowledged that they were "on the bubble" and that the team didn't control their own fate.

However, Izzo said he was proud of the team's resilience and the way they fought through adversity.

He praised the leadership of senior guard Joshua Langford and expressed gratitude for his contributions.

Izzo also noted that the team had some impressive wins against top-ranked opponents like Illinois and Ohio State.

He emphasized the importance of playing hard and being grateful for the opportunity to compete in the NCAA tournament.

Izzo thanked the selection committee and acknowledged the challenges they faced this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He expressed excitement for the opportunity to compete and said the team would be ready for whatever challenges lay ahead.