With significant snowfall in the Rockies and Cascades anticipated by Wednesday and the possibility of flooding rain in California.

In This week, the northern Rockies and the Pacific Northwest are expected to see a return of winter.

Snow is forecast for parts of western Montana and northwest Wyoming on Sunday, signaling the start of the effects.

In western Montana and Idaho's higher elevations, 1 to 3 inches of snow can be anticipated.

It will result in soggy Monday morning commutes for residents of Seattle and Portland,

Oregon, while heavy snowfall in the Cascades could make cross-mountain travel challenging.

The northern Rockies and the Cascades could see accumulations of above 8 inches.

When cooler air moves into the Pacific Northwest and northern Rockies on Tuesday, snow levels decrease.

The Interstate 5 corridor is anticipated to see chilly rain showers.

Cold air will have moved over the West, bringing widespread rain and snow from the West Coast to the Rockies.

Due to heavy rain from mid-to-late This week, there is a chance of flooding once more in California.