Is the Big Ten still considering expansion?

Super conferences certainly appear to be on the way.

The Pac-12 has already been stolen by the Big Ten for UCLA and USC.

All indications are that the Big Ten is not yet done with its westward growth.

A source claimed in a recent article by Saturday Out West that the Big Ten is still poaching Pac-12 teams.

The insider told Saturday Out West, "If anyone thinks the Big Ten isn't coming back for more, they're not following along.

The Big Ten would keep adding institutions to lessen the hardship of travel for its two west coast teams.

Which will start competing in 2024.

The resignation of previous Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren adds intrigue to an already awkward situation.

But it still seems like only a question of time before the Big Ten expands into the West.

Cal, Oregon, Stanford, and Washington have all been mentioned in recent rumours.