A new single is announced by BTS' J-Hope as he begins military service

J-Hope of BTS made the announcement that he will start the process of performing his required military duty in South Korea.

The singer also said that a new track would be released within the next week to the BTS Army.

HYBE announced that a new music video for "On the Street" would be released at midnight on March 3rd.

J-Hope "participated" in the song's composition personally.

which the record company referred it as a "lo-fi hip-hop music with an amiable melody and warm-hearted lyrics."

Hope would legally start the procedure for enrolling in the South Korean military, becoming the second member of the BTS to do so after Jin.

“We would like to inform our fans that J-hope has initiated the military enlistment process by applying for the termination of his enlistment postponement,” Big Hit said in a statement.

He released the Disney+ documentary J-Hope in the Box, which followed the creation of his first solo album.

J-Hope was also chosen to represent Louis Vuitton as a brand ambassador.

The sabbatical that BTS are presently on is expected to end in 2025.