J6 Prison Choir song featuring Trump reaches No. 1 on iTunes 

The J6 Prison Choir's song featuring Trump has reached No. 1 on iTunes, causing controversy.

Many are criticizing the platform for allowing the song, which they say glorifies the January 6th insurrection.

The song, titled "MAGA Patriot Party," includes lyrics such as "We're taking back the Capitol, it's a revolution."

Some have called for the song to be removed from the platform, while others defend it as free speech.

The J6 Prison Choir is made up of current and former inmates from the Washington D.C. jail.

The choir has gained attention for their unique performances, which often feature political messages.

The song's rise to No. 1 has sparked debates about the influence of political figures in music.

Critics argue that the song is further dividing an already polarized country, while supporters say it's a form of expression.

The controversy surrounding the J6 Prison Choir's song highlights the ongoing tensions and divisions in American society.