Leave Us The Hell Alone" – Tucker Carlson Dismiss Pleas From Late Officer Sicknick's Family, As Capitol Police Chief Brands Him "Offensive" 

Tucker Carlson faced backlash after dismissing pleas from Officer Sicknick's family to leave them alone.

Sicknick died after the Capitol insurrection, and his family requested privacy to grieve.

Carlson criticized the family for not speaking publicly, but the family released a statement in response.

The statement called Carlson's comments "disrespectful and hurtful" and criticized him for politicizing the tragedy.

Capitol Police Chief, Yogananda Pittman, also criticized Carlson for his "offensive" comments.

She stated that the department is still grieving and that Carlson's remarks were "disrespectful and appalling."

Carlson has faced criticism before for his controversial and inflammatory remarks on his show.

He has defended his comments, stating that he is simply expressing his opinion and defending free speech.

The incident highlights the ongoing debate over the role of media in society and the responsibility of journalists to report responsibly.