Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid reportedly spent 'nearly the entire night' together at pre-Oscars party  

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid were spotted together at a pre-Oscars party, according to reports.

The two reportedly spent "nearly the entire night" together at the event.

It's unclear whether their interaction was romantic or platonic.

DiCaprio is known for dating younger models, including Hadid's close friend Kendall Jenner.

Hadid, on the other hand, has been linked to several high-profile men, including Zayn Malik and Joe Jonas.

The party was hosted by CAA, one of Hollywood's top talent agencies.

Other attendees included Oscar nominees and A-list celebrities.

DiCaprio is a longtime environmental activist and advocate for climate change awareness.

Hadid is a successful model and social media influencer with over 70 million followers on Instagram.