March Madness 2023: Twitter reacts to Princeton-Arizona upset 

"Princeton shocks Arizona in March Madness upset! #MarchMadness #UpsetAlert" tweeted @SportsCenter.

Fans couldn't believe what they just saw as the underdog Princeton team took down Arizona, the heavy favorite.

"Wow, just wow! Princeton came to play tonight! Congrats to the Tigers on the huge win! #MarchMadness" tweeted @espn.

The game was full of drama and excitement as Princeton battled back from an early deficit to claim the victory.

"This is why we love March Madness! Anything can happen! #Princeton #Arizona #UpsetCity" tweeted @NCAA.

The upset sent shockwaves through the tournament as many brackets were busted with Arizona's loss.

"Princeton with the clutch performance! The Tigers deserve this win! #MarchMadness #UpsetSpecial" tweeted @CBSSports.

The win is a historic moment for Princeton as they advance to the next round of the tournament.

"Congratulations to Princeton on the upset victory! March Madness at its finest! #Princeton #Arizona #Upset" tweeted @SportsIllustrated.