Nicolas Cage Thinks Mars Attacks Killed Tim Burton's Superman Lives 

Nicolas Cage believes that Tim Burton's "Superman Lives" was killed by the box office failure of "Mars Attacks!".

In "Superman Lives," Cage was set to play the Man of Steel, but the project was ultimately scrapped.

Burton had planned to bring his signature style to the Superman franchise, but the film was deemed too risky.

"Mars Attacks!" was also directed by Burton and was released in 1996, just before "Superman Lives" was set to begin filming.

The film received mixed reviews and underperformed at the box office, leading Warner Bros. to cancel "Superman Lives."

Cage has previously spoken about his disappointment over not getting to play Superman, a role he had dreamed of since childhood.

He has also praised Burton's vision for the film, which was set to feature a unique, darker take on the character.

Despite never getting the chance to bring the character to life, Cage has remained a fan of the comic book hero.

He has even named his son after Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent, showing his enduring love for the iconic character.