‘Page Six’ Potentially Figured Out the Identity of the “Massive Movie Star” From Jessica Simpson’s Blind Item

According to a recent article on Page Six, the identity of the "massive movie star" mentioned in Jessica Simpson's blind item may have been revealed.

 The article suggests that the star in question could be none other than Matthew McConaughey.

The blind item, which was featured in Simpson's memoir, described a male actor who she had a brief romance with while she was still married to Nick Lachey.

Although Simpson did not name the actor in question, she did provide several clues about his identity, including the fact that he was a "big star" at the time.

According to Page Six, McConaughey fits the bill as a "massive movie star" who was at the height of his fame in the mid-2000s, when Simpson and Lachey were still together.

 The article also notes that McConaughey has been open about his own struggles with substance abuse.

which could explain why Simpson described the actor as "addictively good-looking and charismatic."

However, it's important to note that neither Simpson nor McConaughey have confirmed or denied the speculation surrounding the blind item.

So, while Page Six may have potentially figured out the identity of the "massive movie star," it's still just speculation at this point.