Patrick Beverly Don't blame Ja Morant... Gangsta rap did it!!!

Ja Morant is a product of the gangsta rap he listens to every day — so says his NBA elder statesman Patrick Beverley.

Pat Bev recently weighed in on Ja's situation on his Barstool Sports podcast.

PB said, "I think the sound has a many to do with it right now.

Mainly with this culture, everybody holding a gun in the video is fine, you have bad teeth, that's fine, the pants are halfway down your ass, that's fine."

The current Chicago Bull has also valued the music of "Back in the Day" on Today's Tunes…

"The literature right  now is 'Shoot 'em up, bang, bang, shoot 'em up, bend you over, I've got this sum, I'm on a private jet, that.'

On Monday, Jaa entered a counseling program and is rumored to miss the remainder of the Memphis Grizzlies season.

Pat Bev's remarks may reflect an old-school ethos — echoed by OGs like Mele Mel.

But younger crops of rappers continue to express similar opinions about the state of hip-hop.

The last time we talked to Rich Homie Quan, he called for an end to the "shoot 'em up, bang 'em up" era... a statement he made shortly before the takeoff of Migos, shot dead was done.