Republican lawmakers want older Americans to work for food stamps

The food-stamp program already has work requirements for those youth workers who are not disabled and who do not have children or other dependents.

The statement from a group of Republican lawmakers said that closing the loophole requires tougher action requirements.

Dusty Johnson, a Republican from South Dakota, and more than 20 other Republican lawmakers introduced a bill on Tuesday called the America Works Act.

The bill would eliminate an exemption program that allows states to bypass work requirements for some of their residents.

The lawmakers said in a statement that 18 states are currently using exemptions that exempt residents from work requirements.

Under this bill, older workers would need to prove that they have a job in order to receive food stamps.

Johnson made the statement that "work is the best way out of poverty." "Work requirements have proven to be effective, and those who can work should work."

Lawmakers suggest that the health insurance program for Americans age 65 and older be aligned with Medicare.