Stranger Things’ Star Grace Van Dien Says Hollywood Misbehavior Has Turned Her Toward Streaming  

Grace Van Dien, known for her role in Stranger Things, spoke out about her experience in Hollywood.

The actress revealed that misbehavior in the industry has led her to turn towards streaming platforms.

In an interview with Fox News, Van Dien stated that she feels more comfortable working with streaming services.

She believes that there is less pressure to conform to traditional Hollywood standards when working with streaming companies.

Van Dien also discussed the importance of having a supportive and safe work environment.

She expressed her belief that actors should be able to speak out against mistreatment without fear of reprisal.

She has also advocated for mental health awareness and the importance of taking care of oneself in a high-pressure industry.

Van Dien's decision to turn towards streaming is just one example of how the industry is changing in response to the #MeToo movement and calls for greater accountability.