Ted Cruz Thinks Jimmy Kimmel Purposely Cut To Commercial In Order To Save His Guest From Looking Bad 

Recently, Senator Ted Cruz accused Jimmy Kimmel of cutting to commercial deliberately to save his guest from embarrassment.

The accusation was made during a segment of Kimmel's talk show, where he discussed the crisis in Texas caused by a winter storm.

Cruz has been heavily criticized for his handling of the crisis, with many accusing him of abandoning his constituents in their time of need.

Kimmel was interviewing a Texan named Shannon, who criticized Cruz's response to the crisis and called him out for leaving the state.

Cruz claimed that Kimmel cut to commercial to save Shannon from being questioned further and potentially looking bad.

Kimmel denied Cruz's accusation and pointed out that he had already given Shannon ample time to speak her mind.

Cruz's accusation was met with backlash on social media, with many accusing him of deflecting from his own failures during the crisis.

Some have also criticized Cruz for making baseless claims and spreading misinformation, which can further polarize the political climate.

The incident highlights the tension between politicians and media personalities, and the importance of responsible reporting in the public sphere.