THAT’S A LIE’: Republican Bill Cassidy Tells Janet Yellen Her Claim About Biden and Social Security is ‘Empirically False’ 

Republican Senator Bill Cassidy clashed with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen during a Senate hearing on Wednesday.

Cassidy accused Yellen of making false claims about President Biden's proposed Social Security reforms.

Yellen had said that the reforms would extend the program's solvency for "decades."

Cassidy called her claim "empirically false" and said it was "not the first time the administration has been caught in a lie."

Yellen defended the administration's proposals, arguing that they would benefit the program in the long run.

The proposed reforms include raising taxes on high earners to fund Social Security, among other changes.

Social Security is facing financial strains due to an aging population and declining birth rates.

Lawmakers have been debating various proposals to address the program's long-term sustainability.