The cost of unlimited at-home car charging with Tesla

At the electric car manufacturer's Investor Day on Wednesday, Tesla Inc. announced a new unlimited overnight home charging programme for $30 per month.

Drew Baglino announced that the company would offer retail electricity options to Tesla customers by this summer.

The initiative is anticipated to begin in Texas, where Tesla recently constructed its most recent GigaFactory, in July.

Bagliano claimed that Texas has access to plenty of wind energy, particularly at night when demand is lower and it is less expensive to pull power and charge EVs.

Presently, Tesla Electric is limited to Texas consumers with a Powerwall at home.

According to Tesla Electric, your Powerwall automatically chooses when to charge and when to transfer energy to the grid.

The Powerwall is an integrated battery device that saves solar energy as a safety net against power disruptions or utility breakdowns.

Tesla users who travel frequently, switching from charging units to monthly plans will result in substantial savings.

The decision lowers the cost of having a Tesla and suggests a change in how energy is priced generally.

By encouraging night charging, it will lessen the burden on grids.