TikTok’s CEO Got Blasted By Both Sides During An Intense Congressional Hearing  

TikTok's CEO, Zhang Yiming, faced an intense congressional hearing that resulted in him being blasted by both sides.

Lawmakers grilled Yiming on a variety of issues, including data privacy concerns and the app's ties to China.

Republicans accused TikTok of censorship and of spreading Chinese propaganda, while Democrats focused on the app's data collection practices.

Yiming defended TikTok, insisting that the app does not share user data with the Chinese government and that it operates independently.

He also argued that the company is committed to transparency and that it is taking steps to address concerns around data privacy.

However, lawmakers were not satisfied with Yiming's answers and called for more regulation of the app and its parent company, ByteDance.

Some lawmakers even called for TikTok to be banned in the United States, citing national security concerns.

The hearing highlighted the growing scrutiny that tech companies face over their handling of user data and their ties to foreign governments.

It also underscored the political tensions between the US and China, as lawmakers accused TikTok of being a tool for Chinese propaganda.