Tornadoes touch down as massive winter storm heads to Northeast

An EF2 tornado that hit Norman, Oklahoma's third-largest city, was one of the nine documented tornadoes that tore across Kansas and Oklahoma.

During the nocturnal hours, the Norman tornado wounded at least 12 people.

According to the city, none of the injuries were life-threatening, and there were no fatalities.

Foster said that two Norman elementary schools are closed and that several highways have been closed.

In Oklahoma City, there were reports of hail that was one inch in diameter and wind gusts of over 70 mph.

On the Oklahoma border, at Memphis, Texas, gusts of 114 mph were measured.

California was covered with more than 11 inches of rain in some areas and 84 inches of snow in others last week.

On Monday, 60,000 Californians are without electricity.

In Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and northern Kentucky, there is a chance of strong thunderstorms, strong winds, and tornadoes.

Illinois has already seen four tornadoes, according to reports.