Urban Meyer has an interesting pick for a statue at Ohio Stadium

One of the elite teams in college football for a long time is Ohio State.

The Buckeyes have produced countless All-Americans, NFL selection choices, and six Heisman trophy champions.

So if a statue honoring a former athlete were to be constructed at Ohio Stadium, Cardale Jones would be the best choice.

As the starting quarterback going into a Big Ten Championship game that had to be won, Jones delivered Buckeye supporters one of the most memorable runs in OSU football history.

According to the former Ohio State head, “To me, they ought to build a statue of Cardale Jones,” Meyer said.

Under Cardale Jones' leadership, Ohio State defeated Wisconsin 59-0, Alabama, and then Oregon.

And that's unquestionably the best run in Ohio State history.

Although Jones was the quarterback of record, it was Ezekiel Elliott and a strong defense that led Ohio State to the 2015 championship.

Jones' ability to enter the Michigan game in the midst of it after J.T. Barrett left due to injury.

And then guided the team to three incredible wins that were beyond impressive.

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