Winter storm bringing snow to parts of California now moving east

The storm is expected to bring several inches of accumulation along I-95.

The massive winter storm that brought rare snowfall to parts of California.

Southern California will finally get a reprieve on Sunday from the intense rain and snow.

The major storm system is now bringing damaging thunderstorms to the Great Plains.

More than 80 million Americans are currently under alert for wind or winter weather.

Western Oklahoma will see the bulk of the severe weather on Sunday, with wind gusts of 80 mph to 110 mph possible.

Northern Texas and southeastern Kansas will experience storms with damaging winds, large hail and scattered tornadoes.

The line of storms will initiate in the Texas Panhandle during the late afternoon on Sunday.

By Sunday night, the Midwest will also be experiencing pouring rain that changes to a wintry mix.

The storm system is then expected to slingshot eastward after lingering on the West Coast and

Dumping several inches of rain and snow to some regions.