Younger brother stabs 14-year-old sister in NYC home: sources

A shocking incident occurred in New York City where a younger brother allegedly stabbed his 14-year-old sister in their home.

According to sources, the brother, who is believed to be around 12 years old, used a kitchen knife to attack his sister.

The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition, while the brother was taken into custody by the police.

The motive behind the attack is yet to be determined, but it is believed that the siblings had a history of disputes.

The incident has once again highlighted the issue of youth violence and the need for better intervention programs.

The New York City Police Department is currently investigating the matter, and the brother is expected to face charges for his actions.

This tragedy serves as a reminder for parents and guardians to pay attention to their children's mental health and behavior.

It is essential to address any conflicts within the family before they escalate to violence.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and her family during this difficult time.

We hope for her speedy recovery and for justice to be served.